Our Summer trip is undoubtably the highlight of the year for many members of the club. Every year around 30 members of the club fly off together to witness and experience some of the best diving that the world has to offer in the warmest and clearest of waters. The trip usually happens in June the first week after the Summer Term ends. This leaves plenty of time for our new Open Water divers to complete their training so they can join us. If you are a completely new diver then there are also opportunities on the trip to learn to dive from scratch with the host dive centres.

In the past we have had magical close encounters with Giant Mobula Rays, turtles and coral reefs as well as the opportunies to explore some amazing shipwrecks such as the SS Thistlegorm and the HMS Maori. Make sure you keep your eyes out for when we announce the destination of our 2018 Summer trip - you won't want to miss it!!

Past Summer Trips:

2017: Tenerife

2016: Malta and Gozo

2015: Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

2014: Lanzarote

2013: Dahab, Egypt